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A tender love story of Verdi's successful and turbulent life, we hear more than 20 excerpts from Rigoletto, La Traviata, Otello, Aida, Il Trovatore, Nabucco and many other operas. They are beautifully sung by international opera stars Tito Gobbi, Mario Del Monaco and Orietta Moscucci, and accompanied by the Rome Opera Orchestra. Rafaello Matarazzo's direction is outstanding in the musical sequences, Tino Santoni's photography richly captures the Romantic period and Pierre Cressoy is an impassioned Verdi - Hollywood Reporter The Patriarch of Italian opera began his career with the bel canto composers (Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini) and ended it as a contemporary of Debussy and Richard Strauss. Verdi's operas voiced his liberal views by making biting social and political comment, often bringing him into conflict with the censors. The 26 operas that he composed have become a permanent part of our musical heritage. This nostalgic look at Verdi: The King of Melody, paints a romantic picture of the composer's struggle for success, his loves, and his musical triumph over the forces of political domination. Poignant and tender, filled with pathos, it is heart-rending in both its sad moments as well as in its times of joy. A theatrical and critical success when the feature film was released in the US in 1974, Verdi: The King of Melody, will touch your heart.Girl In The Headlines. Chief Inspector Birkett (Ian Hendry) and Sergeant Saunders (Ronald Fraser) are called in to investigate the murder of a glamorous model. They discover that the murdered girl has led a chequered life and that her acquaintances include drug pushers. Jordan Barker (Jeremy Brett) and Hammond Barker (Peter Arne) are reluctant to help but when the police finally make an arrest, another murder occurs in a seedy Soho Jazz cafe. But are the two murders connected? Birkett and Saunders have to move fast to unmask the real killer. But can they solve the model murders before time runs out and the killers make their escape?Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room. Oscar nominated documentary, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room portrays the incredible story of one of history's greatest business scandals. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, Alex Gibney incredibly reveals how top executives of America's seventh-largest company walked away with over one billion dollars leaving investors and employees with absolutely nothing. The film comes to a harrowing denouement as we hear Enron traders ringing hundreds of millions of dollars in profits out of the California energy crisis and as a result, we come to comprehend how the unimaginable excesses of the Enron hierarchy had such a shocking and profound domino effect that may shape the face of our economy for years to come...AC Milan - One Century Of Emotions. Milan A.C. One century of emotionsCharlotte Church - Prelude: Best Of. Tracklisting - Pie Jesu My Lagan Love Panis Angelicus Amazing Grace Just Wave Hello La Pastorella She Moved Through The Fair Ave Maria Dream A Dream The Flower Duet Habanera The Prayer All Love Can Be Its The Heart That Matters Most Tantrum Ergo Bridge Over Troubled Water Santa MariaMickey Mouse Fleece Top. Stay warm in this adorable soft-to-touch Fleece Top. Featuring a large image of everyone's favourite Disney character, Mickey.Longridge Deluxe Multi Cup Putting Green. Practice your putting technique with the Longridge Deluxe Multi Cup Putting Green. Designed to simulate real playing conditions, it features three holes, a bunker and a pond for you to tackle.   Features Compact design Multiple targets Deluxe materialsCurse Of The Demon Mountain. Confederate veterans of the last battle of the Civil War set out to find hidden treasure - diamonds hidden in a cave. However, the soldiers find out that the cave is guarded by a covey of hawks. They begin to suspect that the hawks might actually be agents of the Devil, in disguise. Darkness and claustrophobia engulf them as reality and nightmare begin to blend together, and they find themselves bound for a horrifying climax.Fred And Ginger - The Collection. Eight elegant films from the legendary screen couple Fred & Ginger Fred & Ginger Box 1: Top Hat: Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, Top Hat is one of the great dance musicals of all time. Follow The Fleet: Astaire and Rogers are irrepressible in this enjoyable musical that features a fantastic score from Irving Berlin. Shall We Dance: This hit film includes exhilarating performances by Astaire and Rogers including Let's Call The Whole Thing Off, They Can't Take That Away From Me and Change Partners. Carefree: Fred and Ginger bring all their magic and artistry to this delightful romantic comedy. Fred & Ginger Box 2: The Gay Divorcee: The Gay Divorcee is the quintessential Fred and Ginger movie, and the first in which they feature as the main attraction. Swing Time: Swing Time boasts six Jerome Kern tunes, including the exquisite, Oscar winning, The Way You Look Tonight. Flying Down To Rio: In Flying Down To Rio, their first film together, Fred and Ginger dance and romance their way into screen legend status. The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle: The most intimate and romantic film of Fred and Ginger's career.Fisher-Price Amazing Animals - Horse Friends. Open-up the Amazing Animals carrier and out pops a little Horse Friends Family for you to play with. Turn the parent animals head to hear them make a noise. Suitable for ages 6+ months Features Themed carrier with handle Three figures Twist or turn parents head to make a noise 3 button-cell batteries (included) Choose from horse, chimp jungle or polar bearDog Days. It's a stifling hot weekend in the suburbs of Vienna, somewhere between the autobahn and the exit roads, the hypermarkets and the new housing estates. During these dog days of summer, six interwoven stories unfold, revealing a world of disillusionment and lonely souls. With no respite from the oppressive heat of the day, the nights become fuelled with alcohol and steeped in seething aggression and abuse. Soon, tension builds to an uncontrollable level, and it is only a matter of time before lives become devastated. Ulrich Seidl's unique and extraordinary film takes an uncompromising look at the limits of existence, where life at its most vulnerable and intimate. Good days. Bad days... Dog Days.Ultraviolet. Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element), Cameron Bright (X-Men 3), Nick Chinlund (The Legend of Zorro) and William Fichtner (The Longest Yard) star in this story of a woman caught in a futuristic civil war between the government and a subculture of disease-modified humans in whom speed, strength, and intelligence are magnified. To protect a young boy who has been marked for death she must fend off the human government.The Dreamstone. The original dream team is back! This award-winning British animated series takes you on a journey into the land of dreams and nightmares... Where you will meet the Noops, Wuts and Urpneys that live there! Discover a battle set in a faraway world between a kind dreammaker and the Evil Zordrak - The Lord of Nightmares. This fantastic release contains the first 3 episodes, including the song Better Than A Dream. Join Rufus, Amberley and Friends and discover the magical phenomenon of The Dreamstone. 3 Episodes - The Special Part 1 - The Special Part 2 - The Knitted Balloon.Jessica the Jazz Fairy. Jessica, the Jazz Fairy really wants to find her dance ribbon, as no one can jazz dance properly with it gone! The ribbon is definitely somewhere nearby but can Rachel and Kirsty help their fairy friend track it down?9ct Gold Pear Shaped Mystic Topaz and Diamond Ring. Shaped as a pear, this stunning 9ct Gold Diamond and Mystic Topaz Ring is a magical piece of jewellery for your collection. Why not team it with the earrings and pendant for a truly stunning look. Features Crafted in 9ct Gold Real Diamond Various sizes available Supplied with complimentary gift box  Mega Man Star Force: Pegasus. Game Description: Mega Man Star Force for the Nintendo DS is the first game in a new Mega Man series making its debut in three versions - Pegasus, Leo and Dragon , a first for any Mega Man title. This action RPG blends exploration with fast-paced battles, as players travel between real world and virtual Wave World. Developed by the team behind the popular Mega Man Battle Network series, the game marks the start of a new era for Mega Man, which celebrates his 20th anniversary this year. To date, the Mega Man series has generated more than 100 titles, the most of any Capcom title, with sales of more than 26 million units worldwide. In Mega Man Star Force, players explore towns and interact with people in the real world while the action-packed battles take place in the virtual Wave World. Enemy encounters take place on a three by five grid in a 3D perspective, where players use a portfolio of Battle Cards that each have distinct attributes and attack powers. As the story progresses, players will acquire additional cards to build an arsenal that reflects their personal strategy. Players can also connect wirelessly via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection with friends to create a Brother Band network, where they can share cards and get status upgrades. Features: Three stellar versions call upon the power of the elements - Ice Pegasus, Fire Leo and Green Dragon Two co-existing worlds - explore the real world in human form and transform into Mega Man to maneuver the virtual Wave World Cyber battles feature an immersive third person view as players engage enemies in a 3x5 battle grid Each game version offers a unique powered-up transformation of Mega Man based on the respective elemental power and can unleash a special Star Force Big Bang attack Battle Cards based on elemental attributes (fire, water, wood, electricity), each a part of a power chain where one is stronger or weaker than another Best Combo - combine Battle Cards of the same type to unleash consecutive attacks Dynamic Brother Band system - add up to six friends to help each other in battles, share Battle Cards, receive stat boosts and other special benefits Each character has their own customizable Personal Page where Battle Cards and information can be viewed and traded with friends to compare progressThe End Of Summer. 'The End of Summer', the penultimate film by Yasujiro Ozu, examines the difficulties faced by the Kohayagawa family as they struggle to adapt their traditional values to a rapidly changing post-war Japan. As the family's generations-old sake making business begins to fail in the face of increasingly fierce competition, Manbei, the incorrigible elderly patriarch, rekindles an affair with an old flame, much to the disapproval of his daughter Fumiko. He is further distracted by his attempts to marry off his two other daughters: Akiko, the eldest and a widow with a small son, and Noriko, the youngest who is still single. A sublime, bittersweet elegy for a vanishing world, 'The End of Summer' is beautifully shot in muted colour, elegantly acted and masterfully directed by one of the twentieth century's greatest filmmakers.Call of the Wild. Guy Grieve's life was going nowhere - trapped in a job he hated, commuting 2,000 miles a month and up to his neck in debt. But he dreamed of escaping it all to live alone in one of the wildest, most remote places on earth - Alaska. And just when he'd given up hope, the dream came true. Suddenly Guy was thrown into one of the harshest environments in the world, miles from the nearest human being and armed with only the most basic equipment. And he soon found - whether building a log cabin from scratch, hunting, ice fishing or of course dodging bears in the buff - that life in the wilderness was anything but easy...Part Ray Mears, part Bill Bryson, CALL OF THE WILD is the gripping story of how a mild-mannered commuter struggled with the elements - and himself - and eventually learned the ways of the wild.iDECT X1i Cordless Phone - Single. Never miss a call with this slim and compact Black iDECT Phone. Featuring a built-in digital answering machine and an impressive 14 minutes of recording time. Features Speakerphone - talk hands-free White backlit inverse display Elegant cylindrical design White back-lit inverse display Phone book that stores 50 names and numbers Caller display to identify your caller before answeringBill Hicks - Totally Bill Hicks. The death of the outspoken comedian Bill Hicks, in early '94, tragically foreshortened a career in which Hicks had proved himself as one of the most distinctive voices in the comedy world. In fact he was the Lennie Bruce of his generation. This 'Prince of Darkness' was a sex drugs and rock 'n' roll comedian! He could be loud and he could be outrageous but on stage he also exposed a creative imagination and a vision of the world which sometimes took him closer to the role of prophet than comic. Winner of the Edinburgh Festival Critics' Award in 1991, Bill was driven by a distinctive passion in his work, a comedy built on conviction, that set him apart from other stand-ups. It's Just A Ride: A celebration of the comedy of Bill Hicks. The film is structured around the different strains of comedy in the Hicks stand-up, sampling some of the best of his confrontational performances. Interviewees include two major American chat show hosts, David Letterman and Jay Leno, the actor Eric Bogosian and a wide range of comedians who admired his work including Sean Hughes and Eddie Izzard. There are also anecdotal contributions from his high school friends and an interview with his parents in which is father opines I never could understand why he had to use the F-word. I used to say to him Bob Hope didn't have to use the F-word, but he didn't like that and he didn't like Bob Hope much either! Revelations: The dark and dangerous stand-up is stalking the Dominion Theatre, London, his last, live sell out performance on the Revelations Tour, cloaked in a riding coat and hat. And he is annoyed, you can tell he's in an irritable mood and what's worse, his nerves are shot to pieces because the comedian who mounted a one-man right to smoke campaign has kicked the habit! This show is like a cathartic exploration of his own anger and disappointment at the world. Grieving over the death of the American Dream, Hicks is building up his verbal fire-power to unleash it on some of the most sensitive wounds of the American psyche, ignorance and bigotry. Able to say what most people daren't even think, his calculated and thought-provoking humour has a certain shock value to it, which grabs the attention of his audience and doesn't let go. Woolworths Online Sale | Woolworths Direct, UK.

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F.W. Woolworths, a subsidiary of its US parent, was founded in the UK in 1909 as part of its parent company's global expansion plan. The first Woolworths store opened in Liverpool, beginning a rapid roll out throughout the UK. F.W. Woolworth was subsequently listed on the London Stock Exchange with its US parent retaining a majority shareholding. In 1982 Paternoster Stores, the forerunner to present day Kingfisher, acquired the entire Woolworths business in the UK. [ Source: www.Woolworths.co.uk ]

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The Book Thief, at Woolworths
1939 - Nazi Germany - The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier. Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall. Some important information - this novel is narrated by death. It's a small story, about: a girl; an accordionist; some fanatical Germans; a Jewish fist fighter; and quite a lot of thievery. Another thing you should know - death will visit the book thief three times.

Diamonds Are Forever [Single Disc Version], at Woolworths
A fortune in stolen diamonds thrusts James Bond into action in this thrilling adventure! Sean Connery returns as Agent 007 and teams up with the beautiful Tiffany Case (Jill St John) to prevent his nemesis Blofeld (CHarles Gray) from using the diamonds in a deadly laser satellite.

Faux Suede Bean Cube - Chocolate, at Woolworths
Put your feet up on this soft, faux suede bean cube in a delicious chocolate shade.

Pollytastic Jumbo Jet, at Woolworth
Take to the sky in style with Polly Pocket in this glamourous Pollytastic Jet. Enjoy the three levels with eight play areas, including a fashion runway for Polly and her pals and much more.   Suitable for ages 4 years+ Features   55 pieces 8 hangout spots Opens upto 2.5 ft 3 levels Fashion runway Elevator Helicopter Fashions and accessories included

Midsomer Murders - The House In The Woods, at Woolworths
Nothing is as it seems behind the well-trimmed hedges of the picturesque cottages in the idyllic English county of Midsomer. Beneath the tranquil surface of sleepy village life exist dark secrets, scandals and downright evil. John Nettles stars as the humorous, thoughtful and methodical Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby. With the help of acting DC Ben Jones, Barnaby investigates the garroting of Caroline and Peter Cave outside Winyard, a deserted cottage in Midsomer Newton. Despite a reputation for being haunted, it is a magnet to villagers, developers and fanatical conservationists alike. Barnaby and Jones must separate the truth from rumour in order to reveal Winyard's secrets - and catch the killer.

Digital AV Cable - Scart, at Woolworths
Super High Quality RGB Scart connection for superior signal transfer Digital Optical for crystal clear 5.1 Surround Sound S-Video and Stereo RCA connections 24K Gold plated connectors for optimal signal retention.

Stagecoach, at Woolworths
ONe of the all-time classic Westerns - considered by many to be the movie that propelled John Wayne to stardom in 1939. The film is set against the impressive backdrop of Monument Valley in Utah and tells the story of a mixed group of travellers who are making their way across the country to Arizona. They are endangered by an Indian War Party and this, along with their personal histories, results in difficulties. The film pays particular attention to the character studies of the group and is a taut psychological piece which earned an Oscar for Thomas Mitchell's performance as the drunken doctor. The music also won an Oscar and John Ford and Bert Flennon were nominated for best picture. A true classic American western.

Verdi - Nabucco, at Woolworths
Giuseppe Verdi, NABUCCO. Monumental production on the biggest Open-Air Stage in Europe.

JetFlash 2A Ultra High-Speed USB Flash Drive - 1GB, at Woolworths
The JetFlash™ USB Flash Drive is specially designed for easy transfer and storage of huge amounts of data and information to any desktop or notebook computer that has a USB port. With a massive memory capacity and outstanding performance, it's perfect for storing and transferring files, folders, photos and other personal digital content. Features • 1GB storage capacity • Fully compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0. • Easy Plug and Play installation • Bundled with JetFlash™ elite Software pack • PC-Lock function: Makes JetFlash™ a key to lock your computer • Boot-Up Function: Makes JetFlash a bootable device • Partition & Security Function: Create a private partition with password

Suntime Highgrove Lounger, at Woolworth
Lay back, relax and enjoy the summer in this stylish hardwood Suntime Highgrove Lounger in a contemporary design with a weather-proof seat. Features Hardwood frame Durable weather-proof mesh facric 4-position recline Wheel for easy manoeuvrability Size: 94 x 64 x 200cm Home assembly required Home delivery only

International Super Karts, at Woolworths
Racing across the tarmac only inches above the road, International Super Karts gives an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Using every ounce of your driving skill is a must in these high-speed, lightweight vehicles. Take part in a variety of Championships, Exhibition Races and Challenges and unlock extra karts on your way to claiming the Karting crown. - 3 kart classes to master, from high-speed commercial karts to insanely fast 250cc super karts. - Use the TV style replay to instantly view the action from a number of camera angles. - Two player split screen for action packed wheel to wheel racing. - Race the 10 incredibly detailed outdoor international venues against fearsome opponents.

Dean Martin - Dino Live, at Woolworths
Tracklisting: 01. Almost Like Being In Love 02. That's Amore! 03. You Made Me Love You 04. Where Or When 05. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 06. Old Man River 07. Pennies From Heaven 08. Cest Si Bon 09. Medley with Petula Clark (Get Happy/Aren't You Glad You're You/Open Up The Door) 10. Oh Marie 11. Somewhere There's A Someone 12. It Had To Be You 13. Medley With Peggy Lee (I Love Being Here With You/Manana/It's A Good Day/I Love Being Here With You) 14. I'm In The Mood For Love 15. Young At Heart 16. L-O-V-E 17. Memories Are Made Of This 18. Houston 19. Bye Bye Blackbird 20. Blue Moon 21. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 22. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime 23. I Wonder Who Is Kissing Her Now 24. Pretty Baby 25. Caroline In The Morning

Laurel And Hardy - Collection Vol. 6, at Woolworths
SMITHY: Discharged from the army, Smithy (Stan Laurel) finds work helping to build a house. A wrongly delivered letter instructs him to complete the construction, but it ends up more like destruction. THUNDERING FLEAS: Starring Our Gang, the team get invited to the wedding of Martha Sleeper and take along their flea collection which somehow escapes during the course of the day. STOLEN JOOLS: Featuring an all-star cast who are attending a Hollywood party when Norma Shearer's jewels are stolen, with Stan and Ollie just two of the many policemen assigned to solve the case. HOME MOVIES: Stan was an avid fan of 'home movies', shooting them on 16mm film. This somewhat historic footage features both Stan and Ollie and Stan's daughter playing in the back garden together with shots of other stars on the Hal Roach lot. THE TREE IN A TEST TUBE: A short film in aid of the war effort, Stan and Ollie show the many uses of wood in the only known colour footage of the pair.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Legend [DVD-Rom], at Woolworths
Lara Croft Is Back! In a race against time, Lara must travel across the globe to unearth history's greatest weapon. A Legendary artifact of such immense power it could threaten humanity's very existence. Take Lara back to the Tombs with totally new moves and hi-tech gadgetry in her most explosive adventure ever.

Tango One, at Woolworth
In different parts of London, three recruits prepare for their first day at the Metropolitan Police's training centre at Hendon. All three had succeeded in getting into the police in spite of weaknesses. But on their first day, the assistant commissioner announces that he wants them to join a team of undercover detectives. Their brief? To become criminals; to work their way up through whatever criminal organisations they can get access to, and to collate evidence against the criminals they come across. Their target? One of the world's biggest drug dealers, Den Donovan, alias 'Tango One' - number one on HM Customs and Excise's List of most wanted criminals. Three years later all the recruits are getting close to their target. Too close, perhaps, to remember the rules ...

Pumpkinhead 3, at Woolworths
It's been two decades since the late Ed Harley (Lance Henriksen) last conjured up the demonic avenger known as the Pumpkinhead. So when the citizens of a small Southern village discover the town's physician (Doug Bradley) has been selling their loved ones' organs and dumping the bodies in a swamp, they ask the old witch Haggis, to invoke the demons wrath and avenge their desecrated kin. Summoned from the mummified remains of Ed Harley himself, the creature proceeds to wreak havoc upon any and all who get in his way. After twenty years in limbo, Pumpkinhead has finally returned to settle the score.

Disney Princess Denim Jeans, at Woolworths
Party on in these stylish Disney Princess Denim Jeans featuring a gold sequin belt and badge detail. Perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Features 100% cotton (excluding trims) Disney Princess badge Gold sequin belt Button fastening Machine washable

Fred Bennett Gents Watch, at Woolworths
Act the fashionable gent in this elegant Fred Bennett watch, complete with three hand quartz analogue, blue dial with date and blue strap.

Challenger, at Woolworths
As the world awaited what should have been a routine lift-off for the space shuttle CHALLENGER, unattended complications with equipment turned the mission into a ticking time-bomb. Adding to the excitement of the mission was the presence of Christa McAuliffe, a small-town school teacher, chosen from hundreds of candidates to teach the first lesson in space. This compelling account, based on the true story of the tragic space shuttle disaster, offers a poignant look into the lives of each of the seven Challenger crew members, during the months leading up to the launch. Not only devoted astronauts, these heroic seven were also devoted mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. But during these moments, we witness bewildering corporate inability to resolve an issue before it becomes a catastrophe of the highest order in the loss of human life... the entire Challenger crew. Excitement, frustration and grief unfold as the true story of the space shuttle disaster is revealed.

Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride, at Woolworths
Killer Santas, exploding baubles, an alien spaceship shaped like a giant star - Christmas with the Doctor is anything but a silent night ... It is Christmas Eve, and as Donna Noble prepares to walk up the aisle to marry her boyfriend Lance, she suddenly finds herself vanishing in a glow of golden energy and materialising alongside the Doctor in the TARDIS. The Doctor is as astonished as she is at her sudden appearance - and a little taken aback by this loud-mouthed bride-to-be who doesn't mind giving a 'martian' a slap round the face. As the TARDIS races to get to the Church on time, the Doctor begins to pick up clues to who is after the feisty fiancee. The return of the robotic Santas, the strange energy particles surrounding Donna and the discovery of a secret ex-Torchwood base under the Thames, point to just one thing: the return of the Racnoss, an ancient spider - like race who were wiped out over 4.6 billion years ago. By the time the Doctor discovers that Donna is the key to Racnoss's plan to destroy the Earth, time is running out. Can he solve the puzzle, defeat the giant arachnid Empress stop her army of Santas - and get Donna home in time for her Christmas dinner?

Kids Guitar 2 - More Easy Lessons, at Woolworths
Is your child eager to learn more chords, strums and songs after completing Marcy Marxer's Kids Guitar 1? This perfect follow-up moves your child to a whole new level on the guitar in the clear, patient and good-humored manner that made Marcy's first lesson such a popular favourite. This DVD is divided into segments and designed for easy practicing, alone or with the aid of a parent or teacher. Your child will soon delight the whole family by playing and singing songs such as: Won't it be Joyful; Shortenin' Bread; Hey, Ho, Nobody Home; This Old Man; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; I've Been Working on the Railroad; Heart and Soul; Hush Little Baby. Better yet, he or she will have the tools and musical knowledge to play hundreds of folk, country, spiritual, school and campfire songs! This DVD covers basic fingerpicking, arpeggios, use the capo, elementary chord theory and other musical tools. These lessons do more than simply teach guitar. They help your child develop a musical ear, good hand coordination, solid work habits and a love of music.

Weather Forecaster with Colour Changing Base, at Woolworths
Be one step ahead of the weather girls with this colourful Weather Forecaster from Oregon Scientific. When its red it's going to be sunny, when it's green it will be cloudy and when it's blue the heavens will open! See the weather on the screen in an animated way coupled with the indoor temperature. Features Forecasts the weather for the next 12 to 24 hours Indoor temperature display Alarm with snooze feature Dual band radio controlled clock Colour light box indicates weather forecast

Chris Rock - Bigger And Blacker, at Woolworths
Following the Emmy winning success of his tour-de-force HBO comedy special Bring The Pain and feature film stardom in movies like Lethal Weapon 4 and Down To Earth, America's hottest comic Chris Rock keeps it real, loose and live from the Apollo Theatre in New York with CHRIS ROCK:BIGGER & BLACKER. Be there, front and center, as Chris Rock takes on fidelity - A man is basically as faithful as his options; racism - The most racist people in the world? Old black men!; deception - Men lie so much, it's damn near a language - and much, much more It's a night of high speed hilarity with Chris Rock fueled, unfettered and at his finest. He's hotter than ever and ready to make the house Rock's!

Breadmaking Course at The Bertinet Kitchen, at Woolworths
Learn to make bread the artisan way with the Breadmaking Course at The Bertinet Kitchen. Based on Richard Bertinet's award winning book ‘Dough', this bread-making course gives a fascinating insight into one of our best loved foods and Richard's unique techniques. Suitable for ages 18 years+ Features Location: Bath (South West) On booking you must choose a course from selected available dates Each class begins at 10am, includes tuition and hands-on participation, as well as lunch with wine Available classes are listed below; further dates will be available but are yet to be released:  Introduction to Breadmaking - 14 Sept, 22 Oct, 6 Nov, 24 Nov, 1 Dec, 7 Dec French Breads and Italian Breads - Dates still to be released You do not have to have any prior knowledge to attend these classes Please note that all classes are subject to availability You will be bound by the terms and conditions of the operator On purchasing this experience you will be issued with a voucher valid for ten months, You are then free to arrange a day for your visit directly with the operator 

Sabata, at Woolworths
Who he is and where he comes from, no one knows. But the leading citizens of the western town of Daugherty think he knows too much. And they want to silence him - forever. Get ready for fast-paced, explosive action as Lee Van Cleef stars as Sabata, the mysterious steely-eyed gunslinger who, after he discovers that Daugherty's elite are the masterminds behind an elaborate bank heist, imposes his bullet-laced brand of justice on the town. Neither bribes and bullets nor his turncoat best friend can stop Sabata, as he guns and gallops to a final, spectacular shootout that's one of the biggest gunfights ever seen in the movies. Filmed in Spain and Italy, Sabata is another of producer Alberto Grimaldi's hard-hitting westerns, a series that began as an imitation of the Hollywood genre but resulted in the creation of a new screen star - the western anti-hero.

Pride Fighting Championships - 19 And 20, at Woolworths
A legendary event in Japan, Pride Fc matches the world's elite fighters in competitions of honour and art. Imagine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner versus kick boxer, Judo specialist versus Wrestler... this is PRIDE FC. Each match is the culmination of years of training by these athletes, the finest representatives of their martial art tho not only compete for victory, but also to defend their fighting style! From big-time knockouts to punishing submissions, you don't want to miss the drama, spectacle and excitement of Pride Fc!

Boys Basic Sports Trainers - Navy, at Woolworths
Get your little one stepping out in style in these Basic Sports Trainers in navy and white. These stylish shoes have a double Velcro fastening, great for taking on and off quickly. Features Upper: other materials, Lining: textile, Sock: textile, Outsole: other materials

Curtina Seville Tab Top Curtains, at Woolworths
Accessorise your living room or bedroom with these stylish and decorative Curtina Seville Tab Top Curtains. Fully lined and featuring a lace border, they will set off your home furnishings perfectly. Features 100% polyester Fully lined Lace border Machine washable

Plum 5 Burner Stainless Steel Hooded BBQ, at Woolworths
Put a shrimp on the barbi with this Five Burner Stainless Steel Gas BBQ from Plum. This attractive bbq has been constructed professionally in heavy gauge stainless steel with seamless welding. Includes four main burners and one cast iron side burner. Features Stainless steel double layer seamless welded lid Electric rotisserie Cast iron cooking grids Temp.gauge in lid Push and turn jet ignition system

Bratz Play Sportz - Yasmin Slammin' Soccer!, at Woolworths
Stand back because the Bratz are rockin' their all time favourite Play Sportz! Showing the world that it's not just about how you play but about how hot you look when you win! Colours and styles may vary. Suitable for ages 6+ Features Includes 1 sporty outfit and accessories

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Woolworths is a favourite British department store. With numerous stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland, big stores, small stores - in town and out of town - and an excellent retail website, Woolworths are committed to offering UK shoppers ever greater value, the widest of choices and excellent Woolworths service in every way that's possible.

Woolworths sells both UK products and international brands, and Woolworths are the number one UK retailer of many products, with a selection of home entertainment products - DVDs, Videos, Digital Music downloads, PC and video games and lots more!

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